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A male runner, in the 1-14 age group, running 5k or 3 miles, at a pace of 04:00 per mile.

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What is this calculator?

This calculator takes the performance of a runner of given age group and gender, and for a specific distance provides the equivalent time and pace that this runner could reasonably expect to achieve for a different distance.

To achieve this, we take the runner's pace for the given distance, their age group, and their gender to find their position on the baseline. Then we take this position to find the equivalent pace and time for that runner for the requested distance.

The data used for the calculator are actual race results (empirical data), as opposed to theoretical formulas. This ensures that the results are accurate across a wide range of runners.

The difference between the pace for the distances compared can vary depending on the runner's the fitness level, age and gender. The results are most accurate for comparisons with the smallest difference in distance.

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