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Ratings and Reviews of Running Races and Events

Meteor.run has compiled a full slate of metrics for many of the most popular running races and events in North-America, from 5k's, 10k's, Half Marathons all the way to Marathons. The data are used to rate the events and each metric is presented with its own interactive chart that lets the user dig into the information to find what is important to them.

Race Statistics

Use these ratings to find races or events that best suite your goals. Are you a beginner attempting your first 5k, or are you a highly competitive runner looking to set your next personal best? Click on the button below to find an event near you.

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Each event is rated using these seven metrics.

  • Competitive: Is the event more competitive in nature, or more of a friendly affair
  • Course Speed: Is it a fast course or does it offer some challenges
  • Popularity: Is the event growing in popularity
  • Kid Friendly: Are there many young participants
  • Women Focused: Is there a high proportion of women runners competing at the event
  • Organization: Is the event well organized
  • Recommendation Rate: How many users have recommended the race

Since we realize that statistics alone can't paint an accurate portrayal of an event, we allow you the runners to provide ratings for each of these metrics. You can also leave a review of events you completed and read the review of other runners.

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Calculators for Runners

We have gathered actual race results from a wide variety of running events from 5k runs to marathons. We have pooled all the data together and have created a baseline. We use this baseline as a frame of reference to compare individual performances while accounting for age, gender and distance.

Currently we offer two free calculators:

What exactly are those calculators for? The links below provide a more detailed explanation of the uses of these tools and presents the data in table form: